As a little girl books and cooking were my favorite pass times. I credit my mother for the latter, my father was the cultivator of my love of books. Books were everywhere and were highly revered in our house, which meant no dog ears and absolutely no tearing of pages. Reading let me see the world long before I left the tiny little island where we lived. Reading opened my imagination and let me know that with passion and purpose anything was possible. My father believed that and so do I. Many children have no books at home and some have never even visited a library. At Barnola we want to share the love of reading with other children. We hope to make a difference in a child’s life, one book at a time.

Each year BARNOLA will donate a portion of its profits to purchase and donate books to an elementary school in Antigua and the DC Metro Area. Every book that gets into the hands of a child has the potential to POSITIVELY shape the character and future of a young person. Let’s read!

Hand Crafted with Love in Maryland