One day after sitting at my kitchen table munching away on granola I decided to try my hand at creating my own flavors. Everything in the store was either too sweet, too processed or contained ingredients that my 3 girls couldn’t eat. With over 15 years of baking under my belt, that’s all the incentive I needed to whip out the pans and get started on creating my own homemade flavors inspired by my childhood days growing up in the sunny Caribbean. After much encouragement from family and friends I knew it was time to share this with the rest of the world. Every bite has hints of beautiful Caribbean spices, nutty flavor of nutmeg, brightness of cinnamon, spiciness of ginger or devilishly good coconut and chocolate. With the inspiration of my children Aneesa, Taren, Amira and their discerning taste-buds BARNOLA was born, a cross between a granola bar and granola.

Artisan hand-crafted granola ~ For discerning taste buds


Hand crafted granola made with only with the finest natural and organic ingredients. We create unique flavors inspired by beautiful spices and herbs to create recipes for the discerning granola lover. We steer clear of artificial ingredients and preservations, our Almonds are grown right here in America, we use unsulphured coconut and add premium grades of chocolate. Many of our snacks are nut-free and perfect for those with nut allergies.


Our goal is to reshape the way we eat granola. We will always strive to give you flavors that are a cut about the rest. For us sugar isn’t flavor, spices, herbs and nature’s delicious bounties should always be center stage. Delicious deep, rich chocolates, exotic herbs and spices grace our granolas. Be bold, be courageous and Excite Your Tastebuds!


Our granola is made in small batches using unique flavors to make your taster buds fall in LOVE. Enjoy as a snack, a topping for yogurt or ice cream, or make it your favorite morning cereal. Store in a cool dry area and keep securely closed. If stored correctly, Barnola will stay fresh from 2-4 weeks.

LIVE life to the fullest


Be OPEN to new things


VOYAGE to someplace new


ENCOURAGE good eating


My second daughter helped create the name that now graces our packaging. When she was four she called it “bahnola” – this combined with the unique bar form of our granola gave birth to my fourth child – BARNOLA.